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Preparing for your appointment: Please share this link with other family members.  The day before your appointment you will receive a text or call confirming the time frame of your appointment.  The veterinarian will also text you when they are on the way with an expected ETA.  Most appointments last about 30-60 minutes.  The time of the appointment is often dictated by the time each individual pet takes to become comfortably sedate.  We ask that you be as prepared as possible before the veterinarian arrives. Everyone who opts to be present for the euthanasia should be at the house before the veterinarian arrives.      


When the veterinarian arrives please meet him or her outside and leave your pet inside or resting wherever they are.

The first few minutes of your time will be dedicated to taking care of administrative and logistical items. There will be a review of paperwork. This will confirm your wishes for the appointment and aftercare. Other steps will include: a review of the location you have selected for your appointment and payment (acceptable payment methods are cash, check made payable to: “Paws Finding Peace” or credit card).

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