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Memorial products: We make a clay paw print for your family.  Additional clay paw prints can be purchased for $20.  Please let us know ahead of time if you would like additional clay paw prints.  If you would like additional clay paw prints then we usually will have you pick them up with your pet's ashes at our office in Chicopee.  If you opt for cremation, we can make ink prints at no-charge. Ink prints often come out a little “abstract” for those with hairy toes but they are a great keepsake for individual family members.  Usually the veterinarian asks if you want ink prints, if she does not ask, just let her know that you would like them.  We can also leave a locket of hair with you.  The veterinarian has bags and can leave a bag for each family member if you would like.  

If you have chosen private cremation, we will text you the selection of urns that come included with private cremation.  If you would like a special order urn or additional memorial products from Final Gift’s website, you can let us know ahead of time or at the beginning of the appointment.  This should be discussed amongst family members before the appointment. Additional memorial products can be found at:

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