Most appointments start with a phone consultation.  

After a phone consultation, we can schedule the at-home euthanasia appointment. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment through the "schedule now" tab on the website and I will contact you before the appointment to answer any questions you may have. 

What to expect: 

Due to COVID, I will first meet you outside to go over paperwork and payment.  Then you can show me the outdoor space that would be most appropriate for the procedure.  

Once you are ready, your pet will receive sedation.  This is generally involves two sedative injections for dogs and a single injection for cats.  These drugs will cause him/her to go into a very deep sleep (a state of sedation or anesthesia).  During this time you can offer love and support: giving love, pets, kisses and verbal reassurance.  Once he/she is sedated, then the euthanasia drug is given.  Individual family members can stay for a little or as much of the procedure as they would like.  


At-home euthanasia:

$ 250 (up to 25 lbs)

$ 300 (26 -75 lbs)

$ 350 (76 -125 lbs)

Over 125 lbs - call for pricing & availability


Includes: house call visit, sedation (pharmaceuticals), euthanasia (pharmaceuticals and procedure), and memorial clay paw print

MA & CT towns within a 25 mile radius of Holyoke:  No travel charge

MA & CT towns within a 25-40 mile radius of Holyoke: $100 travel charge

*Communal Cremation (ashes are not returned)

up to 25 lbs: $50

26-75 lbs: $100

76-125 lbs: $200

Over 125 lbs - call for pricing & availability 

*Private Cremation (ashes are returned to you)

up to 25 lbs: $150

26-75 lbs: $200

76-125 lbs: $300

Over 125 lbs - call for pricing & availability 

Ashes can be delivered to your home, your vet's office or other arrangements can be made if needed.   

* Paws Finding Peace works with Final Gift Pet Memorial Center.  Final Gift Pet Memorial Center has an outstanding reputation for integrity and compassion, rest assured they will handle your pet's remains with the utmost care as they would with their own beloved companion. You may visit their website for more information: 

 A complimentary urn (Cedar Memorial Urn, Trails to Heaven Series, Serenity Urn, Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn, Decorative Metal Urn, or Remembrance Urn) is included in the price of private cremation.  You may visit the Final Gift website for information on memorial products they offer.   

Cancellation policy:  If you cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time you will be charged $100 cancellation fee.  Unfortunately, canceling an appointment means that your appointment slot was not available for another family with a pet in need.   

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