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Water-Based Cremation:
Planning, Procedure & Pricing


Planning Ahead

Families who arrange an in-home euthanasia with Paws Finding Peace can be comforted in knowing their angel never leaves our care. 

   We welcome pet parents who have a pet who passes at home or is euthanized at a veterinary clinic to bring your angel to our aftercare center for water-based cremation.  Please call us first to make arrangements.  

You can call us at 413-327-5077 or text us and we can give you a call.

 If you would prefer to fill out this water-based cremation request form on-line, we can follow up with a phone call.

If your pet has passed at home,  this link provides additional information.

Water-Based Cremation

Water-based cremation is also known as aqua-cremation, aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis.  This method of aftercare is common in the western US - especially in communities with strong ties to the environmental movement.  Water-based cremation made international headlines in 2021 when Desmond Tutu opted to continue his legacy as a champion of the environment by opting for aqua-cremation.  Aquamation has zero air emissions and uses only 10% of fossil fuels needed for traditional fire-based cremation.  This process uses gently flowing water, salts and slightly elevated temperature.  With fire-based cremation, the "ashes" you receive back are actually your pet's bones.  With water-based cremation, you also receive your pet's bones returned as "ashes".  Since water-based cremation is a very gentle process, you will receive more ashes than with traditional cremation and the ashes are generally whiter in color. We are here to discuss any questions you may have about this process.   

With private cremation, your pet is placed in their own aquamation compartment.

The aquamation machine has several compartments which separates each pet and assures you are getting your beloved pet's ashes returned to you.  

We use a tracking software system which assigns a QR code to your beloved angel.  That QR code is tracked every step of the way.  Your pet also receives a stainless steel aquamation tag with an identification number.  This ID tag will stay with your pet throughout the process and will be inside the urn with their ashes.  Your pet's ashes are enclosed in a bag inside the urn, so you always have safe access to their ashes.

Ashes are generally returned to pet families in 7-10 days.  

We will let you know when your beloved pet's ashes are ready for pick up at our office in Chicopee. 

With communal cremation, ashes are not returned to the pet family.  

A portion of ashes from communal cremations are spread at the beautiful

Hillside Acre Animal Cemetery at Nevins Farm, owned and operated by the MSPCA.  

The remaining communal ashes are spread on private land.  


Cremation Pricing

Private Cremation

Ashes are returned to you

up to 15 lbs: $200

16 - 50 lbs: $250

51 - 100 lbs: $300

101 - 150 lbs: $350

Over 150 lbs - call for pricing & availability

Private cremation includes a memorial clay paw print, glass jar with a lock of fur and an ink paw print.  

Ashes are returned in a clasp urn your choice of color (merlot, harvest or aspen) - click here for a picture

Communal Cremation

Ashes are not returned

up to 15 lbs: $100

16 - 50 lbs: $150

51 - 100 lbs: $200

101-150 lbs: $250

Over 150 lbs - call for pricing & availability 

 Memorial products are available for purchase with communal cremation.  

Memorial Keepsakes

Clay paw print: $20

Fur lock in glass keepsake jar: $10

Ink paw print: $10

Whiskers in glass keepsake jar: $10

Memorial package:  clay paw print, fur keepsake jar and ink paw print: $40

Ink prints are made on card stock. 

Please note: all memorial products are made by our staff with love,

they may be abstract and will be unique to your pet.

We hope that you cherish your pet's unique memorial items.

Specialty Urns

We will have a selection of urns and cremation jewelry for purchase in our aftercare center in Chicopee, MA.

We are proud to be members of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories. 


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