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Suggestions: Others have found the following items helpful to have available

  • Soft music/favorite playlist.

  • Your pet's favorite toy or treats (if still eating).  

  • Kleenex and small trash container, hand sanitizer to use after blowing your nose.  Please note cats do not like the smell of alcohol, so hand washing after nose blowing might be best if you have a cat.

  • Fluffy blanket for pet and family to lay on.

  • When an individual passes, they often release their bowels/bladder - so you many opt to have an old towel near by if you are inside or they are on your lap.  

  • If your pet weighs more than 50lbs, it can be helpful to have an old blanket, towel or sheet under them that you do not with to keep.  If opting for cremation, it is much easier to move a larger pet to the stretcher using a blanket, towel or sheet.  

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