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After your pet has passed: If the doctor is taking your pet for cremation, they will transport your pet to their car. Smaller pets will be carried to the vehicle in a basket or a blanket. Larger pets will be secured to a stretcher and carried to the car.  For large dogs (over 70 lbs) you may need to have multiple people ready to help move the stretcher.  (This is usually discussed on the phone during our initial phone conversation).

If you choose private cremation, your pet’s ashes can be picked them up from our office at 904 Meadow St., Chicopee MA 01013.  

If you choose to keep your pet with you for a home burial, we ask that you follow your town’s regulations and/or at least a 3-4 foot grave.  The drugs that are used for euthanasia are very dangerous to other animals, most families also put stone or gravel over the gravesite to prevent digging.  Please see the burial guidelines we have provided.  

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