Children: Often children as young as 5/6 years old are able to let you know if they want to be present.  Some children know that they want to be present, others know they do not want to be at the house or want to be in their bedroom.  Some children and adults are not 100% sure.  If that is the case, we recommend they come out for the part of the process where the veterinarian explains what will happen.  Then, they can be where they want to be, on their own terms.  When children are involved, the veterinarian will make it clear that they have permission to be wherever it is they need/want to be.  Children under the age of 4 generally do best with pre-arranged childcare.  If you are unable to pre-arrange childcare, then one adult is usually “assigned” child duty.  That adult would need to be prepared to go inside with their child if needed. Please let us know if you have young children.  Dr. Atkins and Dr. McCutchen usually has a used copy of the books, “Dog Heaven” and “Cat Heaven” that can be leave with your family. There are also Sesame Street episodes on pet loss that can be helpful.  Children often prefer tangible keepsakes.  The veterinarian is able to leave a locket of fur for anyone who would like one (this is a little more difficult with very short-haired dogs).