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Paws Finding Peace needs your support – by Friday June 11

We have been in the process of purchasing a commercial property to call home for many long months. We have found a great building in Springfield to open our Pet Funeral Home. Not only will this be a place for families to honor their beloved pets and pick up ashes, it will also house a water-based cremation facility. Most people are only familiar with flame-based cremation (which is not very environmentally friendly). We are planning on opening up an aquamation (alkaline-hydrolysis) crematorium so that your beloved pets never have to leave our care. Aquamation is often referred to as a “green” option as it is uses very little natural resources and has little to no environmental impact.

Here’s how you can help: Please contact the Springfield City Council and let them know that you support Paws Finding Peace and our plan for a Pet Funeral Home.

You can show your support by calling 413-784-4949 or emailing by Friday June 11, 2021.

You can also contact your city councilor directly and let them know you support our business. Here is the contact information for each city councilor:

If you have questions about our plans for a Pet Funeral Home you can email us at or call us at 413-327-5077

Sample email:

Dear Springfield City Council,

I would like to offer my support to Paws Finding Peace and Dr. Lauren Atkins' plan to open a Pet Funeral Home on Hancock Street in Springfield.   

I believe this service would be of benefit to our community and would offer pet parents additional support during a time of need and grief.  


Your Name

Additional Information (ex. Springfield resident, local business owner, pet parent, etc.) 

Your contact information 

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