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Quality of Life

Anxiety, Guilt & Doubt - These are all emotions/feelings that accompany making a euthanasia decision.  These feelings are almost always present, it is best to acknowledge these feelings and understand that they are normal.  No-one ever wants to say goodbye to their best friend - this is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make.  


I have heard a lot of "myths" over the past few years ... some of them include:

~ They will tell you when it is time

~ You will see it in their eyes

~ You will know when the time is right


The problem with these myths is that it puts the focus on you the pet parent and not your beloved pet. This is an incredibly difficult decision which should be made with the pet's quality-of-life as the main focus.  We HIGHLY recommend using a quality-of-life scale.  These scales help if you are struggling with this making a euthanasia decision, if family members are not seeing eye-to-eye or if it is early in the process (perhaps you just got a diagnosis) and you want to track your pet's quality-of-life.  

Our client-care liaisons are wonderful and can help guide you through making the euthanasia appointment.  If you feel like you need a quality-of-life consult we recommend you reach out to your vet.  You can can also reach out to Lap of Love - they offer teleadvice consults.

We have found that this video "The Compassion of Euthanasia - Quality of Life & Quality of Death" has helped many pet families with this difficult decision.  

Quality of Life (QOL) Scales

The Ohio State

QOL Scale




Daniel Tiger

Blue Fish is Dead

Pain Scales

Dr. Shea Cox

Dog Pain Scale


Dr. Shea Cox

Cat Pain Scale


Cat Grimace Chart


Grey Muzzle App

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