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COVID & Other Respiratory Diseases - Summer 2023

When we get to your house, we ask that you meet us outside to handle paperwork and discuss logistics.  Dr. Atkins will be wearing a mask.  If the euthanasia will occur inside the home, we ask that you wear a mask if: more than 3-4 people are present, anyone has been sick or is not feeling well or you think you could pass along any type of illness (not just covid).  At least once a week, we visit a home with an immunocompromised individual (someone on chemotherapy, newborn baby, etc).  

If Dr. Atkins gets sick then she is unable to provide this service.  We do our best to stay healthy so we can continue to provide service to pet families.

When we grieve, we release a lot of respiratory particles - making this type of work more at-risk than typical day-to-day activities.  

If anyone in the home is sick, please let us know this during the initial phone conversation. 

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